The Michael Jackson trial rages forward today, as the last prosecution witness, Dr. Steven Shafer resumed his position on the stand.

The trial has been on hiatus since last Thursday due to Dr. Shafer’s father passing away.

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But after Dr. Shafer takes the stand, the defense will begin calling it’s witnesses.

According to CBS News, Trent Copeland, the legal analyst said, “Don’t expect the defense to try to confront this mountain of evidence that’s been building against Dr. Conrad Murray over the course of the last three weeks — they won’t. What they will do instead is try to narrowly focus their attack on the two minutes when Dr. Conrad Murray left Michael Jackson’s side.”

In addition, Dr. Shafer made it a point to mention how patients are getting antsy over the usage of propofol. According to CNN, the doctor says everyone asks if he will be administering the drug that killed Michael Jackson.

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It was also expected that Prince Michael take the stand today. Katherine Jackson quickly put those rumors to rest stating he will not be giving any testimony at any time during the trial.

We’ll see what happens!