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Gideon Moncrieffe, 29, first caught our attention as the perfect bachelor for’s interactive dating series “30 Dates in 30 Days.” He was funny, successful, loved his mom and was looking to settle down. Though the New York native had a fun date with  Michelle, no love connection was made and his search continued for Mrs. Right. Soon the television producer gave online dating a try and was pleasantly surprised with the results. He shares his experiences of looking for love on the web and what he is looking for in a special lady.

ESSENCE.COM: We first met you as our bachelor on “30 Dates and 30 Days.” Then your face was all over America as a member of What made you give these new avenues a try.
I was hesitant at first and then thought why not, I have nothing to lose. I was on Match before I got picked for the ad and it has been a good experience. I saw a young lady on there that I had met in person and tried to re-kindle the spark, but the switch was turned off. (laughs) Before I figured you can’t really get to know someone through the internet, but I have met some good people, sending me well wishes from all across the country, and flirting a little bit along the way as well.

ESSENCE.COM: So have you found someone special yet?
I have not met my soul mate yet, but I have met some really interesting people and new friends. The one thing that I realized about the online dating scene is that, they are real people looking for real love to be reciprocated unconditionally. There are a lot of wonderful people out there. You just have to find the one that is the yin to your yang.

ESSENCE.COM: Your ideal first date?
My ideal first date, is going someplace where we can both really get to know each other and feel each other out. With a woman I once was head over heels, for our first date we went to The Brooklyn Museum and then to a local lounge. We had a great time. I want a date where a woman could feel at ease and really open up. For my next lady I would like to cook for her. I can make up a menu and let her order for a 7th or 8th date.

ESSENCE.COM: Sounds nice. And what do you love most about Black women?
This question is so unfair. There are way too many things. Let’s start with the mental. As a people we have been through a lot and a Black women’s mentality to get through thick and thin and making it work is amazing to me. And for the physical, let’s just say from the tip of their toes to the shapely hips and full lips, black women are as sexy as they come.


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