I’m proud of myself. Yesterday, was like Monica says, “Just one of those days!” This was a bad one. As I was preparing to prep a client, I had a phone call from a sponsor that did not go as I thought. So, I decide to work off some steam at the gym, only to realize I left my iPod there the day before. Of course, someone got me for my music… it wasn’t in lost-in-found. Just one more thing to send me over the top! I had every reason (in my mind) to be frustrated, disappointed down right disgusted. Now, in the big picture, these are not life altering issues, but don’t be fooled. The brandtastic life is full of surprises, living dreams and great accomplishments but what I also realize rarely are the subtle distractions that can eat away at your confidence and your motivation to move ahead.

Putting all of that behind me. Today, I wake up with a renewed focus…I have the eye of the Tiger! A friend from middle school text me and says I’m coming through Atlanta, “I’d love to see you.” Of course, I’m on my grind. In my mind, I want to see him but I’m focused. However, something inside says, “You’ve put in the time to set your own schedule, step away from it to sit down with an old friend.” As he came up to meet me in my office, we reminisced about back in the day and how our lives had changed.

Change was the word…yet so much remained the same. The core of who we were as kids was still the same though our lives, businesses, family and pursuits all changed. I learned a valuable lesson on the power of reinvention. It is the courage to change while still remaining the same. It was the courage to change my own course after a tragic loss in my life that gave me the courage to reinvent myself from the inside out to form Velvet Suite Marketing and then three years later to form Brand Me International.

Even now, as we look at this year, we are all faced with these two challenges in 2011…The struggle to Change….reinvent our mindset, our relationships, our spiritual and physical diet and on and on. I was glad my friend interrupted my day. He brought me back full circle to who I really am. That little girl who grew up in Fayetteville, NC but realized that there was something much bigger inside that she had to pursue. If you are looking to REINVENT, visit and subscribe to get your fee copy of Melissa’s free e-book called REINVENT 55 Ways to Change Your World.

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