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The Blay Report: Alexander McQueen Lives On

The last day of Paris Fashion Week marked a new beginning for the House of McQueen: it was the label's first independent viewing since the designer himself, Alexander McQueen, passed away last September. Haute on the heels of runway's new beginnings are some of our favorite retail stores: H&M, Kohl's and GAP - each announced some major moves today...
Sarah Burton, who worked for McQueen for nearly twenty years, proved the label’s owners picked the right person to replace the lead for the brand. For her first independent collection since the death of McQueen, she sent a collection of whimsical, lush dresses down the catwalk. Her triumph? Each evoked the magic of McQueen, while expertly continuing the brand’s legacy… H&M is setting up shop on a chic new street: none other than the Champs-Elysees. The famed Paris street, which houses dozens of luxury brands including Chanel, will now house the retail giant’s 2,800 square foot store. Back in the U.S, Kohl’s is following suit with not one, not two, not three, but twenty-one new stores across the country. Besides bringing more fashionista brands like Vera Wang at totally affordable prices, they are stimulating local economies with each store. In all, approximately 3,000 new jobs are said to have been created from Kohl’s expansion… More good news over at GAP, which is encouraging customers to turn their blues to Green. Their new “Recycle Your Blues” Program, which debuted earlier this year, rewards customers with 30% off a purchase of their 1969 jeans. All you have to do? Donate your old jeans — of any brand — to your local GAP store. The jeans are then turned into insulation for homes. Interested? Then run — don’t walk. This promotion ends October 20th.