Once upon a time, “the black list” was a term used to describe a group of people who were ostracized for any number of reasons–the color of their skin, their political views or simply, just because. Enter journalist Elvis Mitchell and photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, who, together, have taken the sting out of those three words and put a whole new spin on things. Tonight, HBO airs “The Black List: Volume 3,” a provocative collection of candid interviews with some of our most-treasured luminaries from the fields of entertainment, fashion and politics, including Whoopi Goldberg, Dr. Michael Lomax and Oscar-nominated director, Lee Daniels, among them. “‘The Black List’ is all about people who’ve made a place for themselves, even when others have said, ‘You can’t do this.'” notes Mitchell. “What’s key to me, and really revelatory, is that you don’t get to see Black people in documentaries not as victims. These are people who have not only managed their own lives, but also triumphed in so many ways.” Though Volume 3 clocks in at a mere 30 minutes, the documentary still manages to offer insight into the lives of each subject as they share their histories as well as their determination to success, despite the naysayers. Aside from the beauty of learning more about the people behind the personas, these stories will leave you feeling inspired to continue on your journey, Set your DVRs and gather the family around the flatscreen. “The Black List: Volume 3” is a definite must-see.  “The Black List: Volume 3” airs tonight on HBO at 8:30pm.