Guess who could be your child’s newest cartoon favorite? Besides cracking us up with his standup comedy, hosting television and radio shows, and gracing the silver screen, comedy king Steve Harvey has taken up residence in the children’s section of bookstores.

Teaming up with author Lavaille Lavette, Steve Harvey presents The Adventures of Roopster Roux: That’s Not Punny (Pelican Publishing Company).  The venturesome comedic tale unfolds when an animated Steve Harvey makes a quantum leap into a far away world. There he links up with his friend Roopster Roux’s, a yellow-and-white talking rooster, action–packed life. Faced with the task of tackling the criminal minded Punster, who plots to steal artifacts from a museum exhibit, the duo rescue plan foils when they become immobilized by an onslaught of the villain’s bad jokes. But all hope isn’t lost upon the doomed pair when Harvey saves the day by doing what he does best: cutting up.
Joking aside, the positive messages of learning to be fearless and confident in your choices are invaluable to any budding children from the ages nine and up. Plus, they say that laughing is good for the soul but who knew comedy could also be a weapon? Although, Harvey didn’t pen the tale, his persona definitely makes reading it enjoyable for anyone with a vivid imagination. However, adults will enjoy sharing one of their beloved funnymen with their kids. Considering all the work Harvey has done with young folks through his Steve Harvey foundation, Roopster Roux is a true reflection of one of his passion: giving back. 

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