Looking for a fun way to get a great workout and quick results? Celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins helps you tighten trouble spots the easy way. Jenkins’ high-intensity workout will leave you energized and wanting more. Here’s the trick: You’re gonna work out hard. But you’re not gonna work out for long. “This strength circuit is based on a proven scientific principle that when you overload a muscle, you will get results quickly,” explains Jenkins, who is also creator of the Bikini Bootcamp DVD. Do these moves three to four times per week with three-pound or eight-pound weights or none at all. For best results, melt fat away with cardio three to four times a week too, so everyone will be able to see your newly toned muscles. THE WARM-UP Spend five minutes jogging (either on the spot, around the room or around the block) or power walking. “This gets your muscles warm and pliable for this high-intensity workout,” says Jenkins. MINUTE 1: Star Jacks These are just like jumping jacks for your legs, but you’ll cycle through extending your arms out to the sides at shoulder height (A), then up toward the ceiling (B), then back to shoulder height and then straight in front of you (C). MINUTE 2: Squats With Shoulder Presses A. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Holding a weight in each hand, lift your hands to shoulder height and bend arms into 90-degree angles with palms facing forward. Squat down as if you’re going to sit in a chair, keeping your weight in your heels. B. As you rise up, extend your right arm forward at a 45-degree angle. Repeat squat and then extend left arm. Continue alternating quickly. MINUTE 3: Pendulums A. Stand on your left leg and extend your arms to each side. Now swing right leg to the right and bring left arm to your chest. B. Quickly switch to stand on right leg, swing left leg to the left side and bring right arm toward your chest. Repeat, alternating quickly. MINUTE 4: Reverse Lunges With Curls A. Hold a weight in each hand with your arms at your sides and raise your left leg to a 90-degree angle. B. Extend your left leg behind you, descending into a lunge as you bring your palms up toward your shoulders in a curl. Then press off your left foot and return to start position. Do 30 seconds on each leg. MINUTE 5: Lateral Side Shuffles Stand with feet shoulder width apart and alternate shuffling to your right and to the left side three times each continuously. MINUTE 6: Back Row Taps Stand with feet hip width apart, then squat down slightly with your upper body leaning slightly forward. Hold a weight in each hand with arms extended straight toward the floor, palms facing each other. Alternate tapping one toe behind you at a time. Each time you tap, bend your elbows and bring your arms up along the sides of your body. MINUTE 7: Running Rotations Run in place with your lower body facing forward for two counts. Then rotate lower body to the right and run in place for two counts. Return to running with lower body facing forward for two counts. Rotate lower body to the left and run in place for two counts. Repeat. MINUTE 8: Plie Squats A. Place feet hip width apart, toes turned outward. Holding a weight in each hand, extend arms straight up toward the ceiling. B. Descend into a pli as you bend your elbows, keep them pointing toward the ceiling, and lower the weights behind your head. Return to start and repeat. MINUTE 9: Squat Thrusts Squat down, put your hands on the ground in front of your feet, and jump your legs straight back behind you. Use your abs to pull your legs in toward your chest and jump back up and into the air, extending arms over your head. Repeat. MINUTE 10: Plie Reaches Stand with your heels together and toes five inches apart. Hold a weight in each hand and extend the arms straight out in front of you at chest height. As you bend your knees into a pli, bring your straight arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Return to start and repeat. MINUTE 11: Cross Torso Repeaters A. Place feet more than shoulder width apart, extend arms up to the side, and tighten abs. B. Quickly lift your right knee up toward the left side of your chest and touch knee with your hands. Then lower knee back to the floor again so just the toe touches and return arms to start. Do 30 seconds on one leg and then 30 seconds on the other. MINUTE 12: Skipping Rope Grab a jump rope and jump for 60 seconds. (Invest in a weighted one for a tougher workout.) No rope? Position your hands by your sides as if you were holding a jump rope and pretend to turn an invisible one. Jump rope with both feet at the same time. MINUTE 13: Lunges and Lifts A. Place feet shoulder width apart and hold a weight in each hand with your arms at 90-degree angles at your sides. Step your right leg behind you into a lunge while lifting your arms up to shoulder height. B. Rise up out of the lunge, without moving your feet, and lower arms. Repeat for 30 seconds on each leg. MINUTE 14: Leg Lifts A. Lie on your back with your fingers behind your head and shoulders off the ground. Lift your legs straight up. B. Bring your left elbow to your right knee while lowering your left leg nearly to the floor. Now bring your right elbow to your left knee, lowering right leg. Repeat. MINUTE 15: V-Ups A. Sit on floor hugging knees, with feet off the ground. B. Recline, leaving shoulders off the floor. Keep left knee bent, extend right leg, and reach arms to side. Return to start, and repeat with right knee bent and left leg out. GET YOUR GEAR ON NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BUDGET: Splurge/Steal ARMS SPLURGE: Hit the court with the new Head YOUTEK racket ($190, sportsauthority.com). It has a wider head and is designed to add oomph to your swing. STEAL: Resistance bands are cheap ($16 for four, walmart.com) and portable, and give muscles a serious challenge. ABS SPLURGE: Try the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board ($128, amazon.com)–keeping yourself stable on this moving surface engages your abs. STEAL: Stability balls ($16-$63, resistaball.com) create an unstable surface to work your core harder. LEGS SPLURGE: Urban Rebounder ($125, performbetter.com) is a mini-trampoline that ups your cardio while toning your legs. STEAL: Jumping rope ($6-$11, jumprope.com) shapes legs and blasts almost 100 calories in ten minutes.] EASY SLIMMING TRICKS: LEG SHAPER “Heel height can work wonders,” says New York stylist Mario Wilson. Add inches to make legs look slender. ABS SLIMMER New Spanx Skinny Britches (spanx.com) can be layered depending on how much control you need. ARM TRICK “Wear large cuffs or bangles for the illusion of proportioned arms,” says Wilson. THE CARDIO CURE: New workouts target your jiggly areas! Get Great ARMS
  • Cardio Tennis turns traditional moves (like backhands) into a high-intensity workout that burns 600 calories and firms arms. Find group classes at U.S. public and private tennis facilities at cardiotennis.com.
Sculpt Tight ABS
  • During the first half of a fast-paced Physique 57 class you’re at the ballet barre doing dance-inspired moves that require your abs to stabilize you; the second half you’re on the floor whittling your middle with innovative ab exercises. The studios are in New York City, but you can get flat abs with the DVD Physique 57 Arm and Ab Booster 30 Minute Workout ($25, physique57.com).
Strut Sexy LEGS
  • Breathless is a hard-core new spinning class offered exclusively at Equinox Fitness clubs. Unlike traditional spin classes that are 45 minutes and leave the ride up to the instructor, Breathless is a set program of sprints and tough intervals with the goal of never letting the body fully recover between them. To find group classes, go to equinoxfitness.com.

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