Texas Textbook Filled With ‘Ethnic Stereotypes’ Sparks Controversy
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A Mexican American studies textbook was found to be historically inaccurate and “dripping with racism.”

The textbook, published by Momentum Instruction, drew in a busload of protesters in Austin accompanied by Mexican American studies scholars and legislators, 100 of which had signed up to speak at a hearing held by the Texas State Board of Education.

According to NBCNews,”the book says that ‘stereotypically’ Mexicans were viewed as lazy, that ‘drinking on the job could be a problem’ and that Chicanos ‘opposed Western civilization and wanted to destroy this society.”

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“Imagine Donald Trump or David Duke writing a book about African American studies, that’s what Cynthia Dunbar has done on Mexican American studies,” say Ruben Cortez Jr., a board member in the efforts to keep the textbook from running.

Cortez argues that the overtones of the textbook unfortunately parallel with much of the conversation heard in national news in coverage of the presidential elections.