Sammie Anderson’s two oldest sons were arguing one evening back in August, resulting in one of them picking up a tool and throwing it into his truck in a fit of anger. Afraid that her sons would hurt one another, Anderson did what she thought was the best thing to do in the moment, call the police to help defuse the situation so her sons would be safe. What ended up happening instead by her description, was her and her family being brutalized by officers who she claims used excessive force, and three of her sons being arrested. “It was the worst decision I’ve ever made as a mom,’’ Anderson told the Dallas Morning News. According to the report, the tense situation between her sons had resolved itself by the time DeSoto police made their way to the family’s home. However, instead of going about their merry way, perhaps after checking in to make sure everyone was good, cops apparently jumped out of their vehicles with weapons drawn, ordering the family to get facedown on the ground. Anderson has since filed a complaint of excessive force against the police department. “I’m thinking back of my mind, ‘I called and I asked for them to come, and now I have no control over what happens to my boys,'” Anderson told WFAA. “This situation is out of control and one of my sons could get killed.” Anderson told WFAA that she always taught her sons to be polite to the police, and noted that they had never been int rouble before. “I taught them to always say, ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’ to police officers,” she said. “I was always proud that my sons had never been in trouble with the law and I always raised them to stay out of trouble and do their best to be a productive citizen. And respect officers and all of those around them, always.” Things went differently, and changed the family’s perspective after the Aug. 7 incident wen six officers responded to the call. Anderson was slammed against the pavement so hard that she sprained her shoulder and her ankle. Officers allegedly repeatedly tased her 20-year-old son even as he screamed, according to the Morning News. The complaint accuses officers of falsely arresting two of the sons on charges of interfering with officers, and a third son on suspicion of domestic violence. DeSoto Police Chief Joseph Costa has defended his officers, adamantly insisting that they did nothing wrong, even as he acknowledged that things were calm when his officers arrived. The chief insisted that officers had to “take control” because the 911 caller – who was the girlfriend of one of Anderson’s sons – said that someone at the scene had a sledgehammer. “Comply now, complain later,” the chief said, arguing that family members also appeared to resist orders. “If you comply now, most of the time, we’ll get it resolved without anyone getting hurt.’’