Man Publicly Asks Wife and Mistress To Get Along, Sets Facebook Off
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It’s been said that Facebook can be the death of any relationship—even healthy ones—and as people continue to be way too candid about the details of their love lives on the addictive social platform things are bound to go wrong. Jut like they did for Facebook user Lonnie Turner.

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Turner, who is a married man living in Houston, used Facebook to send a message out to his wife and his mistress. He posted a collage photo with pictures of the two women along with a caption that read: “These two better learn to get along.”

Excuse us. Hold up. Wait a minute. What!?

Turner continued his post by stating that he deserves for this to happen. “I work extremely hard, and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires. Why have a cake & can’t eat it??? I want multiple cakes!! #wife ?#chic,” Turner shared with his followers.

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Of course, Facebook went off.

The post, which originated on June 29th has been shared over 1,000 times and the comments aren’t too kind.  

How would you react if your husband put your personal situation on display online for the entire world to mock?

Let’s discuss below.