There are so many distractions on our computers, from gossip blogs to YouTube videos to Twitter and–sigh–Facebook. Why is social networking so addictive (we’re changing our status as we type)? Some teens around the world are trying to kick their Facebook habit before it consumes them and keeps them from getting into the right schools.

According to Momlogic, a recent NYTimes article pointed out that teenagers across the globe are coming together to “wean themselves off of Facebook because it easily lures them away from studies and college applications.”

Two teens interviewed in the NYTimes story, have shrunk their FB time, only logging on to their pages on the first Saturday of every month. Another girl gave up the social networking site for the Catholic lent.

It’s good to see that these teens are thinking about their priorities. This is a great reminder that sometimes our kids make good decisions on their own.

How do you feel about Facebook? Do you think your children spend too much time on it? Do you need to wean yourself off of Facebook?