Everyone’s Favorite Teacher Is Now Making Club Appearances

Patrice Brown, aka #TeacherBae, caught a lot of flack earlier this year when complaints flooded in that the Atlanta public teacher’s attire wasn’t classroom appropriate. Brown’s photos went viral and her Instagram following swelled – now the educator is using the hype to her advantage.

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Brown is hitting the club circuit with an appearance at Club SKKY in Birmingham, Alabama, on October 26.

Gone are Instagram photos of #teacherbae in the classroom and in their place are regular selfies and fitness photos. While photos of the classroom are absent, Brown is still dedicated to educating and molding young minds. 

Always Up and at it! 🍎📚✏️💯 #WorkingWomanWednesday #MsBrown #TeacherBae

A photo posted by Patrice Brown (@triceyl__) on

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We have to commend #teacherbae for turning lemons into lemonade. The controversy her attire caused was pretty unnecessary, but Brown has managed to use the attention to her advantage – and that’s a pretty smart move.

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