Here comes another white woman who seemingly can’t mind her own business. The unidentified woman, who according to the New York Daily News has been dubbed “Target Teresa” or “Target Tammy,” took it upon herself to step into the middle of a conversation between two Black women, who were not speaking to her, and berate them over a piece of their conversation that she found distasteful…instead of you know, letting it filter out her other ear and move on with her day like a normal person would. “You were talking about sex in public,” the offended Puritan Peggy said, scolding the two grown woman, according to a video. The woman, who seemingly wasn’t really talking about sex in public, demanded that Target Tabitha describe exactly what she heard them say. “They were having sex in public. That’s what you said,” Stick-in-the-mud Susan insisted. “Where is your hearing aid today, honey? Because you are not hearing well today,” one of the Black women said, attempting to shrug the confrontation off. But it is clear that Eavesdropping Emily was getting agitated, calling the women liars and accusing them of being abusive. What was all the fuss about? Apparently, according to the Black women in the video, they were simply talking about the iconic Eartha Kitt (not that it’s anyone’s business.) “I said, ‘Try this on because it makes you look like Eartha Kitt,’” the first woman tried to explain, even though she didn’t have to. “We were standing here talking, and I made a reference to Eartha Kitt, and my friend said, ‘I don’t want to be compared to Eartha Kitt, because she had sex in a movie.” But Bold-faced Becky couldn’t be bothered to hear the women when they were actually talking to her now. “I didn’t realize that personal attacks in public are normal,” she said, continuing her verbal attack on the women. “I didn’t realize that talking about sex in public was normal. I didn’t realize all these things.” She said that the women would be “good in the court system” because they’re “trained liars.” Eventually Target employees came to diffuse the situation as the video abruptly ended. So apparently chatting to your girlfriends now warrants a public incident if you are Black. Who would have thought?