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Tameka Raymond Shares First Photo of Usher V

"My favorite five year old," shared Raymond on Instagram. "What a blessing! I have always loved and appreciated my sons…"
Tameka Raymond Shares First Photo of Usher V

Yesterday, Tameka Raymond posted photos of Usher Raymond V days after the boy was hospitalized for a pool accident.

The photo shows Raymond cradling her son in the hospital. She also explained how much closer the tragedy has brought the two together.

“My favorite 5-year-old. What a blessing!” she wrote. “I have always loved and appreciated my sons but tragedies and close calls make this even more evident.”

Raymond says little Usher had a guardian angel watching over him. “URV had an angel named Kile Ishmael and our Lord and true savior to look after him. Words cannot express the relief and how thankful to God I truly am.”

The last few days have been anything but easy for Raymond and her ex-husband Usher. The couple have renewed their ongoing custody battle. Raymond is seeking emergency custody over the couple’s two young boys and a hearing is scheduled for today.

After the fiasco, Usher issued a statement about the incident. The singer publicly thanked the two men who stepped in to save his son’s life.