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T-Boz Reveals She Had A Brain Tumor Removed

T-Boz opens up about surviving a brain tumor.  
TLC’s T-Boz is opening up about surviving a brain tumor, which she successfully had removed in 2006. The Grammy-winning singer has always been very frank concerning her challenges with sickle cell anemia. But, according to CNN, the singer says surviving a brain tumor has been the most difficult thing she’s ever had to face.

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“I’ve been through a lot with sickle-cell, but my recovery from the brain tumor was the hardest thing,” T-Boz told CNN. “These experiences have taught me that you can be a survivor.”

 T-Boz has overcome a lot of health obstacles. During the early stages of her diagnosis of the brain tumor, doctors told her she wouldn’t have long to live. 

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“Doctors, they didn’t give me a happy ending,” the 39-year-old singer and mother said. “You won’t live past 30, you’ll be disabled your whole life. You’ll never have kids.’ I was looking around the room like, ‘I don’t know who he’s talking to cause that’s not my story.'”

Watch T-Boz discuss her miraculous story below.

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