Symone Sanders Questions Why Trump Remains Silent About Police Shootings
Brad Barket

Democratic strategist Symone Sanders never fails to speak the truth when appearing as a commentator on CNN. Recently, she did just that on Thursday when discussing President Donald Trump’s silence on the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark, and the reactions it has prompted within Sacramento and around the country.
The usually vocal president has also remained mum on Louisiana’s recent decision not to charge the police officers that killed Alton Sterling, a point that Sanders highlighted during a segment on CNN.
“He called Roseanne yesterday to talk about her show,” said Sanders.

After posting great ratings for her sitcom reboot, the series’ star, Roseanne Barr, is said to have received a call from President Donald Trump on Wednesday, CNN reports.

“Look at Roseanne — look at her ratings,” Trump said during a rally in Ohio yesterday. “They were unbelievable. Over 18 million people. And it was about us.”

Sanders said his willingness to speak about Roseanne and not Clark did not make sense: “The question on the table is, why can Donald Trump comment on everything else, but when it comes to issues that do not fit his political narrative, we cannot hear from this White House.”