Swizz Beatz Defends Alicia Keys’ Makeup Free Look, “Why Are You Mad?”
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Swizz Beatz can’t get enough of his makeup-free wife and the top charting producer loves it so much he decided to defend her decision to rock a fresh face.

You better defend your woman!

Alicia Keys pledged to stopped wearing making early this summer, but her au natural look seem to stir up some hateration and her husband Swizz Beatz just doesn’t understand. 

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“Why are you mad at someone who decided not to put makeup on their face?” he asked during his Instagram rant.

Think about it 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄😂 this is deep😳 #naturallove I'm not mad I'm just saying:)

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Good question Swizz!

“Think about it this is deep #naturallove I’m not mad I’m just saying:)”

Many people thought Alicia’s makeup-free look was to shade those who do wear it, so the hitmaker took to IG to defend his bae. Although he may still be confused by the negative comments that people are making about his love’s natural vibes, he isn’t sweating the small stuff.  

Swizz decided to joke about the ridiculous commentary with this hilarious caption:

“Me: Babe you don’t have any make up on on the carpet Her: I know my love “

Me: Babe you don't have any make up on on the carpet 😳😂 Her: I know my love 😂

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The Deans are clearly unbothered!