Women take skinny jeans over sex
Holiday Season’s finally over … seven pounds of deep fried turkey, candied yams and pork belly stuffing later. That pile of pants on your bedroom floor is a good indicator that you’ll be giving your slim-fitting jeans a break while you work those lbs off. But how bad do you want to be back to your pre-turkey size?

A recent online survey by Special K cereal brand suggests that a lot of women would take fitting back into their skinny jeans over sex, according to the Telegraph.
“Asked how managing to put them back on would feel, 29.1 percent said it would be better than sex, 28.9 percent thought it would beat a promotion, 20.6 percent believed it would top a best friend’s wedding, 20.3 percent said it would feel better than a lottery win and 11.1 percent thought it would beat a marriage proposal,” the Telegraph article reads.
Apparently the survey indicates that women get a “sense of euphoria and an endorphin rush” when they get their booties back into their “trophy” jeans.

On a scale of one to five, how important is fitting into your old pair of skinny jeans to you?

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