Supreme Court Declines Early Opportunity to Review North Carolina Voter ID Law
Getty Images

The United State Supreme Court has opted to wait until summer to review a controversial North Carolina voter ID law, which many lawmakers say is discriminatory.

The law, which was enacted two years ago and mirrors similar laws in multiple states, requires that all voters must provide a valid ID when voting, prohibits same-day voter registration and bans anyone from voting outside of their precinct. Many North Carolina lawmakers feel that the bans disproportionately affect minorities and younger people who might not have proper identification, but who routinely vote Democratic.

The challenge was brought to the Supreme Court last October after a lower court banned certain aspects of the law. However, the Supreme Court overturned the state court’s ruling, which meant that the voter ID restrictions were in effect during the November election.

Though the Supreme Court isn’t currently reviewing the case, a trial is set for July. There are no elections in North Carolina scheduled between now and then; however, local elections in September could be affected.