Don’t believe everything you hear about supermodel Jessica White. In a recent interview with, she revealed that her current take on dating might surprise her fans.

For starters, she’s not seeing anyone exclusively at the moment. If you read on a blog that she was, then it’s “all lies.”

“The only relationship that I’ve ever confirmed is the relationship with Sean,” Jessica says. “Just because you see me with a person doesn’t mean I’m kicking it with them, hanging out with them or we’re romantically involved in any way shape or form.”

Jessica’s focused on herself for now. This means even taking sex off the table too.

“I’ve actually been celibate now for almost a year,” Jessica admits. “The next person that I’m with will be the person hopefully that I’m marrying. Just because you see me hanging out with someone that doesn’t mean that we’re sleeping around with each other. The only way you can get to know each other is by hanging out.”

Good for you, Jessica! We always say that if he really loves you, he will wait.

Would you marry someone before ever having sex with them?

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