Three prominent activists in the U.S. have come together to launch an organization seeking to channel the political power of women to change and shape policy priorities not only locally, but nationally.

According to the Associated Press, Alicia Garza, the co-founder of Black Lives matter, Ai-jen Poo, the executive director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Cecile Richards, the former head of Planned Parenthood, have created Supermajority, a multiracial and intergenerational group focused on training and mobilizing some 2 million women over the next year to position themselves and organizers and political leaders in their communities.

The timing, perhaps, could not have been more perfect as more and more women enter the world of politics, with a historic number of female candidates sitting in Congress, and more women seeking the highest office in the nation for the 2020 elections.

Richards explained to the AP that women “feel newly empowered and frankly motivated to take action, including so many women who never thought themselves as an activist before.”

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“Women are mad as hell and we’ve been in resistance mode for two years,” Garza added. “Now it’s time to equip people.”

The three founders of Supermajority have already spent the last year traveling and talking to women about mobilizing and activism.

The group, which isn’t expected to endorse specific candidates, is working on educating the women on the policy issues that certain candidates may or may not have, including issues that often impact women the most such as pay equity and affordable child care, and then mobilize around pushing lawmakers to adopt what Richards has dubbed a “women’s new deal.”