For Many, The Super Bowl Felt Like Election Night All Over Again
Jamie Squire

Pretty much every national event from now on will feel political, it’s inescapable under Donald Trump. And, Sunday night’s Super Bowl was no exception. 

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Super Bowl 51 was mired in politics with ads celebrating refugees and women’s rights, Lady Gaga’s subtle political statement, tweets from Trump and white supremacist Richard Spencer, and Tom Brady’s ”Make America Great Again Hat” sitting prominently behind him in the locker room. 



The game was framed from the start as more than just a football game, which was why the games second half was such an upset with New England coming back from what looked like a sure loss to clench the Super Bowl. After polls and the media placing Falcons in the lead, the feeling of a sure win, then the sudden and shocking defeat, it was deja vu. 








And, while Falcons fans will be having a particularly tough Monday morning, it kind of feels like America took an L too.