16 Gorgeous Summer Nail Looks You Need To Try Now!

Summer is in full swing so your hands and feet are on constant display. Ditch your boring single swatch manicure in favor of something with a little more flare. Whether you're changing up your color or switching up your shape, we've scouted the hottest mani's for you to rock all summer long!


Virginia Lowman Jul, 20, 2016

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Coffin nails are still the hot shape for the summer. Deck them out in pink and you've got an insta-ready mani waiting to happen!

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Forget spending hours at the nail salon perfecting your nail art. Try nail appliqués instead and finish them off with a top coat.

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Fuchsia lips and red nails are a match made in Heaven!

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Who says you can't rock black polish in the summer? Dress them up with a sparkley top coat to take you mani to the next level!

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Keep it classy with oval shaped nails and a soft pretty lilac polish.

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A little nude is always a good idea!

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Paint your nails white and let your accessories do all of the work!

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Feeling daring? Experiment with a high shine tangerine lacquer.

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Double up on the bling and accent a metallic mani with gorgeous crystals.

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Tired of your usual monochrome polish? Embellish your nails with studs and foil strips.

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Something less really is more. A simple mauve polish looks good on all occasions.

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Neon polish always makes a statement.

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Pretty pink polish makes printed frocks pop. 

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Negative space mani's in bright hues look fresh and modern.

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This white hot mani is super chic!

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Upgrade a basic mani with water color accents in metallic hues.


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