Lana Turner isn’t an artist or a designer — but she’s certainly a style icon.

The Harlem, New York resident is known for her sharp personal style and mind-boggling vintage clothing collection. But it’s Turner’s head-turning hat collection that is getting some extra shine these days and being featured in an installation at Harlem’s popular Red Rooster restaurant

Timeless Chic: Easter Hats

Turner’s unique style has been adored for several years by Marcus Samuelsson, the owner and world-renowned chef of Red Rooster. He often spotted her at events, complimenting her outfits and extraordinary hats. From wide-brim designs with polka dots to cloches adorned with feathers, Turner estimates she owns over 500 hats. Approximately 40 were chosen to be used for the installation, which she also curated with other personal items including books, plates, records, and clothing. 

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Surprisingly, the life-long Harlemite doesn’t fancy herself a “fashion girl” at all, Turner explained to WWD. “I’ve never been a fashion girl, ever. I’m still not a fashion girl,” Turner insists. “What I am is someone who understands her own style.”

Lana Turner’s installation will be on view through September, and Red Rooster will also feature photos from the showcase on postcards given with the restaurant’s checks.  


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