If you’re wondering why your beau accepts random friend requests from women on Facebook, it’s not necessarily because he’s looking to find a new female acquaintance to replace you.  It’s just that men are not as discerning as women when it comes to concealing their online networks. A new poll reveals that one out of five men accept any friend request from a woman, whether he knows her or not.  As you may have guessed, women aren’t as consenting.  Only one out of 13 said they accept friend requests from men who are strangers.
So what’s the real reason men are so welcoming when it comes to giving total strangers access to details about their personal lives?  For men, having a wider social network of female friends may boost their ego.  Even for guys with a girlfriend, revealing his “in a relationship status” to the masses may make other women think he’s a “good catch.”  Men also feel less restricted online because they think they are less likely to be the target of an internet stalker who would take advantage of their personal information.
Women on the other hand do not think friending someone online is risk-free. Female social media users are more serious about their privacy and take greater measures to protect what’s revealed about them on the internet. What do you think? Do you accept random friend requests from men you don’t know?