Ladies, there’s one good reason not to panic if you haven’t lost the 10 pounds you pledged to shed by springtime. Your guy may just think your added curves make you better in bed. A new poll reveals that the majority of men agree that having a little extra to hold on to during sex makes the ride all the more worthwhile.

In addition to thinking your curves make you sexier — in general, men aren’t really concerned with you gaining a little weight. Thousands of men were polled on matchmaking sites,, and, and 85 percent of men agreed with the statement, “A couple of extra pounds are fine by me.”

The poll also revealed that, contrastingly, 90 percent of women think their extra weight makes them unattractive to men. When looking at the differences between what men and women think about weight, it’s clear that that women are too hard on themselves when it comes to their body image, sex and dating. What really matters most is being healthy on the inside and out, and having confidence in yourself.

Have you ever let your weight hold you back from sex or dating?

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