If you’re tired of hearing people say women are more desperate for love than men, you’re really going to like this news.

The team behind dating service “It’s Just Lunch” recently conducted a survey in which they asked 5,000 people what they think about on a first date. A shocking 47% of men said they’re thinking, “Could we have a relationship together?” while 50 percent of women said, “Do I want to see him again?”

In a surprising twist, it seems more men are thinking about taking things to the next level on a first date than women are, and it’s the ladies who are being decidedly more selective.

“We’re seeing that men and women are becoming more alike in their dating habits,” It’s Just Lunch spokeswoman Irene LaCota says. “And in some areas they’re beginning to trade places.”

In 2004, 79% of men took fifteen minutes or less to decide if they ever wanted to see their date again, and 64% of women took at least an hour to make up their minds about a second date. Seven years later, the same questions were asked in the 2011 study, and 55% of women said it takes them less than twenty minutes to make up their mind. Why the sudden rush? It looks like social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter might be to blame.

“Especially in today’s society, we’re so used to both demanding and getting instant information that we’ve become a bit impatient and closed off, sometimes to our detriment,” says LaCota.

How long does it take you to decide whether or not a person is second date material?

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