There comes a point in many relationships when your partner’s most endearing qualities — those extra love handles you used to love to squeeze, that snore that used to make you giggle even when it kept you up at night — become the most annoying qualities. Traditionally this realization that your partner is not all that you had envisioned him to be starts to creep in at seven years, but a new study commissioned by Warner Brothers revealed that our current high-strung, career-oriented society is speeding things up a bit. The study cited three years as the new point when relationships begin to get strained.

According to CBS, the study pin-pointed 10 “passion killers” that cause relationship stress levels to peak. Weight-gain, poor hygiene, a lack of romance, stress from in-laws,and money management seem to be the big factors. The study also cited long working hours, unfavorable bedtime and bathroom habits, alcohol use and failure to update fashion as other stresses.

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