If you feel like you and your man aren’t having enough sex, you’re not alone. Many couples report feeling unhappy with the amount of time spent between the sheets in their relationship. According to a study that tracked intimate encounters among couples in long-term, serious relationships, 42 percent of women and 54 percent of men are not satisfied with their sex lives.

Why aren’t people spending more time making love? Couples are not factoring in the time commitment that it takes to build and maintain a happy sexual appetite. The fact that both men and women are unhappy with the frequency of sex indicates that it’s not just a gender difference issue, but of other responsibilities that put a strain on a couple’s time together.

The solution to having more sex is working with each other to make time for it. Perhaps you and your honey can block out a few times each week on your calendars for sex, just as you would do for work activities, chores, or other commitments. And be creative — who says that sex has to happen only after dark? A morning or midday quickie could be a great way to rev things up.

Couples who reported satisfaction with their sex lives were more likely to be more satisfied in the relationship overall, so by working together to improve your sex life, you may also improve your relationship as a whole.

Do you think making sex a priority is the key for a happy relationship?

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