Stray Bullet Kills 7-Year-Old Boy Eating Cake In His Home: ‘He Was An Angel’
Liz Moughon/The Courier-Journal/AP

This article originally appeared on People. 

Kentucky police are searching for a gunman whose stray bullet killed a 7-year-old boy inside his home on Sunday as he was eating cake and playing with his iPad before bed.

“He was an angel,” his grandmother, Tonya Hobbs Gough, tells PEOPLE.

Dequante William Lamarr Hobbs Jr. was fatally shot in the head after a fight broke out during a dice game in a backyard near the boy’s home in Louisville, Kentucky, police spokeswoman Lt. Emily McKinley said at a news conference on Monday.

During the altercation, someone pulled a gun and began firing, McKinley said.

“Last night was absolutely horrible,” she said. “It was horrible for the family to go through, for our detectives to go through.”

Whoever did this “needs to come forward and own up to what they have done,” she said.

Dequante was having a bedtime snack and playing with his iPad in his kitchen when he was killed.

He was the latest victim to fall victim to the “senseless violence that’s going on in our city,” McKinley said.

“They just shot through my window,” his mother, Micheshia Norment, told local TV station WLKY. “It hit my baby in his neck.”

Dequante’s mother and grandmother, who were home when he got shot, performed CPR on him after calling 911, McKinley said. When EMTs arrived, they transported him to the hospital where he died.

On Tuesday, police made yet another plea to the public for information.

“If this was your child, I guarantee you would hope and pray that someone with an answer would come forward,” Louisville police detective Stephen Snider said at a news conference.

After appealing to any witnesses, Snider said, “We are going to try our best to bring a resolution to this case and justice for this family.”

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