I know that there are many of you who are living happily within your means and making those smart money moves that will keep you on a solid financial footing in the future. But from the letters I receive, I also know that too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck, hard-pressed to stay afloat, much less get ahead.


I understand that financial stress can be especially intense for those of us trying to pay back student loans, raise children on our own, or care for aging parents. That’s why we’re stepping up our coverage of money matters. We realize that you can stretch nickels and dimes but so far. We also know there is much more we all could be doing to create a more financially secure future. Few of us will win the lottery and become millionaires overnight. For most of us, wealth building is a process.


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So look for more practical advice on all aspects of managing your finances. Expect to see articles that deconstruct the stinking thinking that gets so many of us into a money mess, as well as stories about ordinary women who’ve climbed out of poverty and into prosperity.


In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your money challenges and your struggles to meet your financial obligations and goals. It’s never too late to get our finances straight. dweathers@essence.com


To read the entire Straight Talk article, “Living Paycheck to Paycheck,” pick up the April issue of ESSENCE.