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Today’s topic: I Want to Move On But Don’t Know How

Hello Shirley and Steve,

I have been dating this guy for one year now and he recently broke up with me and said that he just wanted to be friends with benefits, which includes us still doing things that couples do. The reason he says he wants to break up is because he doesn’t want to hurt me. He stays three hours from me and comes and visits me on every weekend until the New Year came. Then he slowed up and comes every other weekend now. He also told me that he doesn’t want me to talk to anyone else or start a new relationship because, he wants to see where this will take us too with just being friends and when he even thinks I have moved on it will be a bad miss understanding between me and him. However, I have told him he can’t have his cake and eat it too. Then he also keeps telling me that we both moved into a relationship too fast that he had just broken up with his ex right before he started dating me. I also told him that I was divorced from my ex-husband for over three years when we started dating and that I was ready for a relationship with no games and that I didn’t want to be a rebound woman for him in the beginning. He reassured me that I wasn’t and that he had already fallen in love with me after months had passed by. I have one son and take care of my business as a woman should, but my heart is broken and hurt. He is truely a nice man, but I am so confused about which way to go from here? Please hlp me, Shirley and Steve….

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