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Today’s topic: My Wife Will Pay

Hello Steve and Crew,

First of all, I hope someone reads this! Next, I have been married for eight ears, I loved that woman with the love of God! About four months ago she left me for no reason, I didn’t want to live. She told me she found someone else on the web, so I gave up on life. Then she moved to Virginia with him and took the kids — though they weren’t mine, I loved them anyway. Now the man she left me for was older, 51 in fact and I’m 37 and she’s no 50. Now what do you know? She came back and I forgave her. But the truth is I am planning to let her think I did by doing all the things the same old way. I plan on trying to hurt her just as bad as she made me feel —  dream of this every day. I prayed to God for her to come back. Am I wrong to this? Yes, I know it is, but why did she hurt me so bad? I sleep at night with her on my mind of how she touched him. Can you give me some advice?


My Wife Will Pay


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