Stenciling Freckles On Your Face Is Now a Thing
Virginia Lowman

Back in the 80s, freckles were so popular that some beauty brands created a freckle pen. It’s no surprise that fashion and beauty trends are cyclical, and freckles are once again back in the spotlight and trending on social media. During her Spring 2016 NYFW show, Tracy Reese even sent models down the runway sporting jeweled freckles.

Get The Look: Tracy Reese Sp/Su ’16

Care to look a little more sun-kissed in the height of fall? Well, a new cosmetic called Freck Yourself allows you to create semi-permanent freckles on your face using a freckle stencil and roller ball pigment that rivals sunless tanner. Freck Yourself is currently a Kickstarter project, which means it has a monetary goal it must reach in order to go into full production; in this case the goal is $215K. You can pre-order the freckling kit, but if the project does not reach its goal within the next few weeks, it will not be receive funding.

The Freck Yourself kit come with 72 self-adhesive stencils and the roller ball pigment to help you create natural looking freckles for up to two days. If you choose to Freck Yourself on a daily basis, you’ll layer the results, which could yield results that last for up to six weeks.

Want to try the stencil trend? Support Freck Yourelf here.

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