When it comes to matters of the heart, some believe the best—and longest-lasting—love connections are simply in the stars. We thought it would be fun to take a look at the planetary charts of some our favorite celeb couples to see how much of their connection can be attributed to cosmic chemistry. Essence.com talks stars with astrologer Kim Allen, who examines the love signs of four of our favorite twosomes.

Lovebirds: First Lady of Turks & Caicos LisaRaye and Prime Minister Michael Misick
Sign of the Times: Virgo versus Aquarius

What are your chances of falling in love and being struck by lightning on the same day? Just ask the Prime Minister of Turks & Caicos Michael Misick, whose astrology charts indicate he felt the power of an electric bolt the day he met his now-First Lady LisaRaye. Michael, born Feb. 2, 1966, is an Aquarius with a Gemini Moon; Lisa Raye, born Sept. 23, 1966, is a Virgo with a Taurus Moon. Apparently, his wavelength was in tune with her electricity because the two are now officially hitched!

Their astrology charts reveal that LisaRaye is a practical Virgo and her Taurus Moon seeks security while Michael is a brilliant Aquarian with a curious Gemini Moon that warrants intellectual stimulation. True to astrological form, most earth signs including Virgos desire stability. Gemini, an air sign, enjoys movement and being all over the place. Such vacillating can cause a few problems, however, when it comes to passion their Venus/Mars connection reveals that there is no shortage. The attraction factor is indicated by a tough Moon/Uranus connection, where the Moon represents the emotions and the planet Uranus represents excitement and adventure. Such a combination suggests that this could be an extremely intense and stormy relationship. So let’s hope for marital bliss and longevity as they face a lot of planetary challenges.

Lovebirds: Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri
Sign of the Times: Taurus versus Virgo

The combined charts of Janet Jackson (May, 16, 1966), and Jermaine Dupri (Sept. 23, 1972) reveal a great cosmic recipe for love. Sprinkle in Janet’s Mars (in Taurus) on top of Jermaine’s Venus (in Leo), while gently adding a dash of Janet’s Venus (in Aries) with Jermaine’s Neptune (in Sagittarius), and the result is an intense physical attraction with a strong undeniable magnetism.

For those who don’t understand this couple’s laws of attraction it’s simple: physical chemistry, common interests and enough stamina to keep up with one another. How these two manage to be in the same space without melting the furniture is beyond me! Their charts smolder with passion and tender embraces and melt with conversations only lovers should hear! This ‘heart alliance’ is held together by a sort of ‘teflon’ love, which resists criticism and is impenetrable from any outside interferences. In this union their Moons (remember “Moons” represent the emotions) say it all. J&J share the raw energy and passion of the fiery Aries sign; they’re also both ruled by love-planet Venus and, as a result, share similar outlooks on life! Janet, a Taurus, and Jermaine, a Libra, are charismatic and appealing. Connections to their planets of Saturn, which signifies commitment, suggests that this will be a long-lasting, serious and meaningful relationship which will stand the test of time!

Lovebirds: Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Honsou
Sign of the Times: Taurus versus Taurus

 Are Djimon Honsou and Kimora Lee Simmons soul mates? Can these two bulls end up grazing in the grass, or will this be a terminal case of the clashing of the wills? Sharing the same zodiac sign of Taurus the bull means that they approach life with a determined and forceful manner, but their Moons point to a much different tactic in handling love. Kimora Lee ( May, 4, 1977), is a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon, which suggests that she is extremely intense with a deep desire for security, strong sensual needs, and can be possessive when it comes to romantic liaisons. Djimon (April 24, 1964), a Taurus with a Libra Moon, reveals a person who thrives on the rush of romance. Having both his Sun and Moon ruled by Venus, the planet of love, he can’t help but ooze charm and sexual magnetism from every pore. His Libra Moon can be a red flag in romance. There is an indication of indecisiveness in love-relationships (Note: Libra Moons are notorious for being fickle).

A fantastic Venus/Neptune connection in their charts makes them feel that they were made for one another and that their union was destined to be. Analyzing the cosmic indicators of romance (the Moon and the planets of Venus, Mars and Saturn), their charts reveal that the attraction is powerful. As earth signs, they enjoy physical contact, and Taurus happens to be the most ‘touchy-feely’ of the earth signs—so far, so good! Because Kimora’s Venus is in Aries she exudes nothing but heat and energy for the object of her desire. However, Djimon’s Venus in Gemini can be a little concerning because this is the sign of the twins, which represents duality or what many have dubbed a “split personality.” Although this can bring a lot of excitement to a relationship, it can render romantic schizophrenia. But the tell-tale sign of longevity in a relationship is the planet Saturn. Saturn represents commitment, and there are a few difficult connections in their charts. Hopefully, this relationship will maintain its momentum.

Lovebirds: Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry
Signs of the time: Leo and Capricorn

Halle Berry (Aug. 14, 1966), a passionate Leo with a Moon in Cancer, and Gabriel Audry (Jan. 4, 1976), a willful Capricorn with a Moon in Aquarius, have different needs, so their relationship may flourish better outside the traditional boundaries of marriage. Halle’s Moon in the water sign of Cancer means she’s a homebody, family-oriented and possessive while Gabriel’s Moon in the air sign of Aquarius happens to be more of a social butterfly. Astrologically-speaking, Halle loves a close, nurturing relationship while Gabriel likes being able to come and go as he pleases without feeling guilty.

The positive attraction rests on the ‘vibes’ between their Venuses. This means that they are genuinely in love and share the same value system, which is a must when raising a child together. Investigating the indicators of love—the Moon and the planets of Venus, Mars and Saturn—the planets say that there was love (or shall I say lust?) at first sight; but an even more rewarding fact is that there was an instant comfort level between them. This is a case of opposites attract, as her Moon in Cancer felt his Sun in the opposite sign of Capricorn so they enjoy each other’s company. Does this relationship have a good chance of surviving? With more attention placed on their communication skills (their connections with Mercury, the planet of communication, is not very strong) and giving each other plenty of breathing room, this partnership has a strong chance of lasting based on the positive connections with one another’s Saturn, the planet of commitment.
Kim Allen is a resident astrologer for Hot 97’s Miss Jones in the Morning in New York. For more info, visit www.kimallen.com