Okay Stacey, let em know. Abrams, the Democratic superstar who still has many to the left on their toes as she decides what role she will play in politics in the 2020 elections, made it clear that while former Vice President Joe Biden may be considering her as a running mate for 2020 (even though Biden himself has yet to make any official announcements), it isn’t necessarily a position to vie for in the primaries. “I think you don’t run for second place,” Abrams told hosts on The View. Abrams made it clear, once again, that she is considering all options, which could include running for president, re-running to be governor of Georgia, or making a run in Georgia’s Senate race. She still hasn’t made a decision yet, but Miss Abrams let them know that if she’s gonna run for president she’s gonna run for president. “I do not know if I’m running. I’m thinking about everything. Part of my opportunity right now is that I have a number of options I didn’t know about before,” Abrams said. “If I’m going to enter a primary then I’m going to enter a primary. And if I don’t enter the primary my job is to make certain that the best Democrat becomes the nominee and whoever wins the primary that we make certain that person gets elected in 2020,” she added. Talk your sh-t then, Stacey! Of course, that is not to say that a Biden-Abrams ticket is completely off the table, but to Abrams, running for president is very different than being asked to be vice president. “Running in a primary to be vice president is very different than someone who has been selected by the party to be the nominee asking you to serve as a partner and I am open to all options,” she explained. Whatever role Abrams’ ends up taking, however, the American public can be assured that she is taking the whole process very seriously. “My responsibility is to take seriously the opportunity, to give credibility to those who are asking me,” she said, adding, “to make sure I’m the right person, this is the right time and it’s the right job.”