Alicia Marie Rivers is the author of The Pretty Thoughts of a Hot Chick: Foxy Little Notions for Our Minds, Bodies & Souls,

Whether it’s surviving the economy, losing a job, break-ups or dealing with family/friendship or career stress, it can take a wretched toll on our spirit and beauty…if we allow it. Hey, life is not determined by what happens to us but by the attitude we bring to life. Here are a few tips & thoughts to revive your state of being this season:

1. Think “me.” Shut down. Turn off your Blackberry. At least once a day, preferably before bedtime, create a peaceful moment where you can be alone and take time to breathe deeply, meditate, pray, or just sit quietly. This allows you to clear your mind and bring closure to the events of the day. Best of all, it prepares you for a restful night’s sleep without any worry. So, take a long, slow inhale and think of the things to release from your mind’s space. When you exhale, see those items coming out of your mind and spirit in that breath as you truly let go.

Pretty Thought: When I am focused it is impossible to throw me off my course.


2. April Showers. We all must release some tears to help us shed the layers that prevent us from growing in every aspect of life. Learn the value in the storms that test you.  Don’t be afraid to weep. A silent cry never hurt anyone. It simply cleanses your spirit and helps you move on. It can be an empowering experience if you let it.


Pretty thought: A good cry is essential, but a smile is an every day rule!


3. Purge Your Mind. Free yourself of past hurts, worries and disappointments. Write down your thoughts and feelings about everything that happened to you. Read it over, one last time then shred it! This allows you to cleanse your mind and bring final closure to a situation without causing additional conflict or further thoughts.

Pretty thought: I am no longer imprisoned by past disappointments and hurt.


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4. Create a remedy that is the complete opposite of your doubts. Choose an affirmation that reflects something you want to achieve. Phrase the affirmation as if you are already achieving it. For example, “I am losing weight.” Repeat it often throughout the day.


Pretty Thought: No one can ever come between me and my happiness except me.


5. Embrace the Naked Truth. Focus on your positives and believe in your beauty! Loving what you see, sans clothing and makeup, is one of the most powerful lessons to be learned. Losing your fears and inhibitions requires loving yourself completely and stretching out of your comfort zone. Take some time out to see yourself without the things you love. Visualize yourself as a knockout! You are who you think you are. Perception is reality. Remember, beauty is a state of mind and if you believe it, you will achieve it!


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Pretty Thought: Of all the things to wear to enhance my beauty, confidence is the most striking!

6. Spring Cleaning. Keep your temple in good condition. Exercise, drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables keeps your skin, hair and nail nourished and your organs in great shape. Also, choose organic when you can to help detox your body of the pesticides, herbicides, and hormones commonly found in many foods. Farmers markets are a great way to do this cheaply. Also, an herbal diet supplement such as Sculpt & Cleanse capsules in the morning and at bedtime with a full glass of water successfully helps rid your body of accumulated toxins!


Pretty Thought: I choose to feel good everyday. Happiness is a choice.


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7. Give back! Do something nice for someone today. Don’t expect anything in return. The best way to increase your blessings is to do an unselfish act for someone else.

Pretty Thought: Pure joy and freedom begins with the thought of self-love complemented by the act.


8. The Pleasure Principle. Remember the last time you were in ecstasy? Whether it was during a delicious meal, glorious massage, etc., your attention was on the physical and mental bliss. When you concentrate on what makes you feel good through sight, touch, taste smell and sound, you tune into your pleasure zone create a mood of complete satisfaction. So, take a candlelight bubble bath filled with rose petals and a pinch of sandalwood, Egyptian musk or amber oil, while sipping a glass of wine or refreshing distilled water while listening to your favorite tunes. This will amp up your gratification level.


Pretty Thought: I am worth more to myself and the world when I am pleasured.



9. Nothing stops your hotness. Reign over your belief with a wink, lip gloss, mascara and a smile and never let anything control or cast a shadow over your thoughts – not even a bad hair day! Now take charge of your world, one pretty thought at a time!


Pretty Thought: I have the power to manifest my desires through pretty thoughts, visualization, dedication, persistence, intention and action!


Alicia Marie Rivers is the author of The Pretty Thoughts of a Hot Chick: Foxy Little Notions for Our Minds, Bodies & Souls,