Spelman College Faculty Who Boycotted In-Class Teaching Over COVID-19 Concerns Return to Campus
Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Workers all over the country have protested inadequate safety protocols at the workplace as COVID-19 continues to rage. College professors are no exception.

Last week, Spelman College faculty announced they would not teach in-person when classes began August 19 due to safety concerns, the AJC reported.

The faculty council sent a message Thursday stating, “The faculty at Spelman College were excited about returning to in-person instruction. However, much to our disappointment, faculty have not received clear and enforceable protocol and safety guidelines that will ensure our health and wellbeing when teaching face-to-face. While awaiting acceptable responses to these concerns, we have decided not to teach in-person. Most faculty will use alternative instructional methods for course delivery.”

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College officials announced on Thursday that the professors who declined to teach in person would return today.

Spelman hasn’t been alone in demanding better safety on college campuses. Thousands of faculty members across Georgia, primarily in the state’s public University System, have demanded stronger regulations, the AJC reports. However, the women’s college, a private school, appears to be the first where faculty staged a walkout.

It’s unclear if college administrators addressed the faculty members’ concerns. Spelman President Mary Schmidt Campbell said in a statement, “The College continues to work with the faculty to provide additional guidance on health and safety protocols as rapidly changing circumstances around COVID-19 continue to develop.”