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All of us women have needs, which include being pampered and being able to relax. The spa has always been a great place to have these needs met, but we’re all closely watching our pocketbooks. Spas can be quite expensive, especially if you want to go with other people. No worries, there’s a solution; at home spa night with the girls. We’ve tried it and it’s great! Here are some tips. Sister to Sister There are so many ways to spend time bonding with your sisters. The spa allows you to connect while relaxing. An at-home spa allows you to relax, chat, eat and just have a complete carefree and fun night with the girls. When inviting people to the spa night, remember to invite the closest girlfriends who you know will be willing to paint your toenails and who’s back you will be willing to rub. The more the merrier, but keep in mind that you will need more supplies for more people that you invite. If you’re looking to have a quite spa night, it may be harder to achieve that goal with a lot of people in the room. For tips on how to have an amazing “Spa Night” click here...

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