I’m a 28-year-old newlywed. My husband and I were together for almost eight years before we decided to tie the knot. When we got engaged it felt like a long time coming but to many other people in our lives we were “getting married young”.

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to my husband or I “you’re still so young” I would be able to buy everything we didn’t receive from our wedding registry. The truth is, this feedback surprised us some. Although not many of my girlfriends are married I do know a lot of people who said “I do” much earlier in life than we did.

I have a girlfriend who got married in her 30s and still felt she rushed into things. Another good friend has sworn she’s just waiting for love to strike, not for a certain point in her life to come. Is there such thing as the “right age” to marry? I’ve always believed you get married when you meet the right person and feel right about it. Waiting for the right birthday milestone never crossed my mind. I’m not saying I don’t see what other’s reactions may stem from. I admit I have been guilty of thinking those who marry before 25 may be rushing things a bit, but as I grow closer to thirty I assumed I’d reached at least the beginning of a more generally accepted age bracket for becoming a married woman.  It looks like I might be wrong.

The love and dating site YourTango.com recently asked their Facebook fans what the “best age to marry” was and the two most common answers were 30-something or never. As you could imagine, I wasn’t surprised to read this. A recent census study revealed that less people are getting married in the U.S. and those who do are taking their time to get there. It appears today the general consensus among the American population is that your 20s are for everything but marriage. It’s your time to travel, advance your career, build wealth; anything but fall in love and settle down. Can a woman not do all those things and commit to marriage?

Does being in your thirties better prepare you for marriage? What do you think is the best age to marry?

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