Solange Dodges $55,000 Tax Lien, Rep Says It Was a Misunderstanding
Scott Barbour/Getty Images

It looks like the financial messiness surrounding Solange Knowles might have all been simply a misunderstanding.

Only yesterday, it was reported that Solange was slapped with a $55,000 tax lien, courtesy of the state of California, for failing to pay her 2010-2012 taxes. The lien came three days after her New Orleans nuptials, and based on her tweets, it seems as if she found out about the situation through news reports.

However, the newlywed’s rep told E! News that the hefty lien was merely a mix-up.

“The lien is in the process of being removed as there was simply confusion on whether Solange was a California resident,” her rep said. “We can expect this to come to a swift close.” 

Another source told E! that Solange wasn’t sweating her financial situation, despite rumors swirling that she and her new hubby Alan Ferguson were having money troubles.

“Solange wasn’t too worried,” the source said. “She’s on top of stuff and has always been financially responsible.”

Whew! Looks like the happy couple can return to their post-honeymoon bliss.