So No One Showed Up to That Anti-Beyonce Protest Outside of the NFL Headquarters

The only battle cry at this morning’s anti-Beyonce protest was the sound of crickets. 

Soon after Queen Bey slayed last week’s Super Bowl halftime show with her performance of “Formation,” a pro-police group identified as Proud of the Blues emerged online, calling for an anti-Beyonce rally to be held outside of the NFL headquarters this morning, reports the Washington Post.

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“Let’s show the world that it’s not necessary to be disruptive to America while conveying an effective message to the masses,” the group wrote on its Eventbrite page.

Barricades were set up outside of the NFL headquarters and NYPD officers braced for chaos, but nary a protestor showed up to the rally. In fact, the only protestors there were a handful of “anti-anti-Beyonce” protestors who were prepared to shut down the Proud of the Blues.

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“Protest against @Beyonce outside NFL HQ turns out to be no show,” one counter protestor wrote on Twitter.

Haters, take heed: This is what happens when you try to stop the unstoppable Queen Bey.