The single ladies of Salt Lake City, Utah have something most other women in America don’t; the best possible conditions for dating.

According to a recent study conducted by WalletHub, Salt Lake City is the best place to date while Yonkers, NY comes in last.

Atlanta wasn’t far behind coming in at 3, Washington, D.C. ranked 34 on the list and Houston, TX nabbed the 43rd spot.

But there’s bad news for those ladies that watched Sex and The City and came to New York to find love. It may be tougher to find the one as the big apple shuffled in at 139 on the list.

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Everything from restaurant meal cost to how much a one-bedroom goes for was factored into the final numbers.

While the study focused on the complete dating experience, one of the most important components was the percentage of single people in each town. Detroit, Michigan had the highest amount of single people while Fremont, California came in with the least.

Regardless on where your city falls on the list, we want to know about your dating life. Is it tough to date in your town? Or do you find that they’re enough eligible bachelors to go around? Let us know!

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