Singersroom Playlist: Romantic Jamz

Setting the Mood

It’s all about the moment the hot, steaming and intense summer experience we have with that special someone. Sometimes the best loving is fast and furious. Summer loving is what makes the summer memorable. It could be in the backseat of your brand new comfortable car, on an exotic beach or in your apartment as the neighbors bang on the walls for you to stop. But no matter where it happens, summer flings are fun.

Miguel “Quickie”

Music by | More on MiguelMiguel keeps it simple and straight to the point when he letís the girls know, ì I donít want to be lovedÖ I donít want to be loved. Just want a quickie.î Sometimes you just want to get in and out.. Who says good loving has to take all night?

Estelle’s “Come Over” feat. Sean Paul

Music by | More on EstelleThe exotic vibe, accents, and beat should be enough for you and your summer love to make the night special. Estelle and Sean Paul have created a song to chill and let things happen naturally.

Marc Nelson’s “Fifteen Mintues”

Music by Singersroom.comMr. Nelson seems to feel that he can take a woman to ecstasy and back in 15 minutes. I guess thatís a race that we will all have to run for ourselves. Enjoy Mr. Nelsonís classic lesson on fast love.

Keri Hilson’s “One Night Stand” feat. Chris Brown

Music by | More on Keri HilsonKeri Hilson and Chris Brownís duet is organic and sexy. Their musical ìOne Night Standî is just a teaser for what you might want to do after you listen to it with dimmed lights.

Jamie Foxx’s “15 Mintues”

Music by | More on Jamie FoxxThere is nothing funny about these 15 minutes of unadulterated pleasure. Jamie Foxx’s rendition of ì15 Minutes,î which was also covered by Mario, is a sultry sound that would go well with that special someone and a nice cold drink.