This British-Nigerian Engineer Is Now Selling His Gaming Robots In Apple Stores
Bloomberg/Getty Images

Silas Adekunle, a Nigerian-British entrepreneur, will be selling his company’s gaming robots at Apple stores, according to Black Enterprise.

His UK-based Reach Robotics company spent four year developing MekaMons, agile robots that work with your smartphone to let you battle in physical and augmented reality. It also brings together the worlds of gaming and STEM education.

Apple is now selling the products exclusively through its online and brick-and-mortar stores as a bid to promote hardware startups that “make particularly compelling use of its own technologies,” according to Tech Crunch. The robots can be controlled with smartphones.

“We’ve created an entirely new video gaming platform,” said Adekunle in a press release. “MekaMon straddles both the real and virtual worlds while taking the gaming experience beyond a player’s screen and turning their sitting room into a limitless robotic battle zone.”

Users also have the ability to control their robots with code commands through Apple’s Swift Playgrounds coding app, which is great news as it pertains to STEM education.

Adekunle is a robotics engineer who has previously worked at GE Aviation and Infineon. MekaMons first started as a side project at a college robotics club, Adekunle told Inverse.

“It will feel surreal to see them finally in stores after spending years building these robots from scratch,” he said. 

MekaMons are on sale just in time for the holidays for $300 each. 

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