Assets: At 45, Obama is Clinton’s junior by 14 years and may appeal to younger voters. 

Liabilities: His lack of experience-he’s only been a U.S. Sentator for two years.

How Clinton can help him: Those looking for a familiar face in these uncertain times might find that the Clinton nostalgia factor is just the fix the country needs.


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Assets: As a former first lady and a senator for almost seven years, some feels she’s paid her dues. And she’s got superpopular Bill Clinton. 

Liabilities: Will America vote for a female presidential candidate? And her earlier stance authorizing military action in Iraq could cost her support.

How Obama can help her: An open critic of the war, he would be a fresh face and voice of reason. Plus, he has rock-star appeal. –Ashley Battle

Tell us: Should Obama and Clinton join forces?


Photo Credit: Jerry Kraft