Should Obama and Clinton join forces?

Some politicos believe that Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should work together instead of battling each other for the top spot on the Democratic ticket:
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 16, 2009



Assets: At 45, Obama is Clinton’s junior by 14 years and may appeal to younger voters. 

Liabilities: His lack of experience-he’s only been a U.S. Sentator for two years.

How Clinton can help him: Those looking for a familiar face in these uncertain times might find that the Clinton nostalgia factor is just the fix the country needs.


Assets: As a former first lady and a senator for almost seven years, some feels she’s paid her dues. And she’s got superpopular Bill Clinton. 

Liabilities: Will America vote for a female presidential candidate? And her earlier stance authorizing military action in Iraq could cost her support.

How Obama can help her: An open critic of the war, he would be a fresh face and voice of reason. Plus, he has rock-star appeal. –Ashley Battle

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