Shonda Rhimes to Be Honored for Creating Jobs for Women and Minorities
Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Yahoo! News

Anyone who watches Shonda Rhimes’ shows is well aware she’s big on diversity. That means having characters with different backgrounds, races, sexualities and religions to accurately reflect the world in which we live.

She will be honored along with business partner, Betsy Beers, for providing jobs and other opportunities for women and minorities by the Directors Guild of America. The ladies are set to receive the 2014 Diversity Award—a prestigious honor that’s only been given out four times in the organization’s 66-year history.

DGA president Paris Barclay spoke highly of the dynamic duo. “In the decade that Shonda and Betsy have been creating and producing buzzworthy television, their record of diverse hiring has been consistently outstanding at a time when very few television series meet that standard,” she explained. “As a result, they have impacted the careers of dozens of women and minorities—they’ve made stars not only in front of, but behind the camera as well.”

Rhimes said she’s honored to be recognized with such an honor and that it’s important to always create shows that reflect the world we all live in.

Both Rhimes and Beers will be given the honor on January 25th at DGA’s 66th annual awards.