Television’s most sought-after writer and showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, has adopted a second daughter, reports US Weekly.

In 2002, the Black Women in Hollywood honoree adopted her first daughter, Harper. At the time, she revealed to Oprah that 9/11 changed her life and that she wanted to become a mother. “So I was sitting in the middle of nowhere, watching the whole thing unfold on CNN,” Rhimes recalls. “When I finally turned off the television, I thought, ‘Well, if the world’s going to end, what are all the things I’ve ever wanted to do?’ I went home and hired an adoption attorney.”

Tens years later, Rhimes felt the desire to bring home another bundle of joy. Rhimes confirmed that in February she adopted Emerson Pearl. “Emerson is incredibly mellow,” says the Scandal creator. “We’re just doing a lot of bonding right now. This is a happy time – I feel so lucky.”

Despite her crazy schedule and running three shows, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and now Scandal, Rhimes says her little family is enjoying this precious time together.