Shirley Caesar On Kim Burrell’s Comments: ‘Should’ve Said Something 4 Years Ago When Our President Made It Alright’
Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Gospel songstress Kim Burrell recently came under fire after she was caught on video making homophobic comments while speaking at a church in Houston, but one person who apparently shares her sentiments is gospel music legend Pastor Shirley Caesar.

Caesar visited the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Maryland on Wednesday evening and while speaking on the topic of sinful pasts, she made a controversial remark about President Obama’s support of the LGBT community that has since fueled the firestorm surrounding Kim Burrell’s comments.

“All of us have made a whole lot of mistakes,” she said, addressing the congregation. “If walls could talk, if hotel beds could talk…” she continued, as the crowd applauded in agreement. “So, if you were gonna say something, you should’ve said it four years ago when our President made that stuff alright.” 

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While Caesar stopped just short of mentioning Burrell by name, many gathered that her comment was in response to the singer, given the timing and obvious correlation between their remarks. Like Burrell, Caesar’s comments have since been met with much backlash from in and outside the LGBT community. 

Ironically enough, Pastor Caesar actually began her address to the crowd by advising other pastors to “collect phones” at the door before speaking to their members about sensitive matters during service. Her suggestion to the pastors was an effort to avoid video recordings of controversial statements being shared online––which is exactly what ended up happening with her message shortly after she made these very remarks.

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