Sheryl Underwood Breaks Down While Discussing Police Brutality On ‘The Talk’

In discussing the nation’s epidemic of police brutality, in light of the recent killing of Terence Crutcher, Sheryl Underwood breaks down and makes a passionate plea for unity and action.

“We don’t have to train the cops not to shoot white people,” Underwood points out. “Why we gotta train them not to shoot us?”

“First thing you gotta do, you gotta make it a hate crime,” a tearful Underwood declares. “You gotta put people in jail. When you shoot somebody under the collar of authority, you need to lose your job and you need to lose your livelihood and you need to lose your freedom.”

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Underwood recognizes, as many other Black Americans do, the danger that she personally could face if ever confronted by police.

“Remember there are good police officers out there,” she acknowledges, “and the ones that are not, they need to go to jail! Don’t tell me this, ‘we got to train.’ Y’all white and y’all drive all the time and don’t nothing happen to y’all! And we Black; I’m afraid to drive my damn car!”

“Until you all who are not Black stand with us, this is not going to stop!” says Underwood.

Watch her powerful declaration: